Loan barometer: Less and less payment arrears

Loan barometer: Less and less payment arrears


The BKR half-yearly loan barometer shows that there is a permanent decline in the number of consumers with payment arrears on their loan.

There are 10.6 million registered borrowers. Of these, 6.4 percent (674,000 consumers) had problems with repaying. That is 0.1 percent less than a quarter earlier. This means that the number of consumers with payment problems has been falling for seven consecutive quarters. The level of 2010 has almost been reached. In that year the economic crisis became tangible for many consumers. As a result, payment problems increased for years, explains BKR. If the economic outlook remains good, the BKR expects the decline to continue in the coming period.

Slap of crisis
The loan barometer shows that especially consumers in the age category have 41-50 years of payment arrears. Of these more than 2.1 million borrowers, almost 182,000 consumers had problems with payment. Of the 51 to 60-year-olds, almost 147,000 of the more than 2.3 million consumers faced a payment arrears. These groups were hit hard by the crisis, with many losing their jobs. According to the BKR, although the economic outlook is positive, part of this age group struggles to find a job again. In such a situation, their financial obligations simply continue.

1 in 10
The group most often in arrears on her loan is the group of 31 to 40 year olds. Although the number of people with a loan in this age category is lower than in older groups. In the second quarter more than 1 in 10 had a payment problem. Not strange, according to BKR. Consumers in this age category often make radical decisions at this age, often with large financial obligations, such as starting a family or following an extra education. When there is a setback, for example due to separation, job loss and the like, you will soon experience payment problems.