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A local business takes in homeless cats; others encouraged to adopt felines | Local News


Billings and his family saved as many animals as possible. They wanted to go further and decided to adopt two of Elder’s foster cats to raise them in the storefront.

One of the cats adopted by Billings was from Cats’ Cradle, a local cat and kitten rescue organization, and the other from BCAS. Elder welcomes cats and kittens from other organizations.

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“Get in touch with people like Emily,” Billings said. “Get them fixed so they don’t have any problems, because they’re breeders… Without Emily there would probably be around 50 cats here. She’s helping to break this cycle.”

Elder started the TNR program with BCAS to help control the overpopulation of feral cats in Burke County. The program allows Elder and other BCAS volunteers to humanely trap, neuter or neuter and release feral cats.

The process is accessible to anyone in Burke County and is encouraged for community members who notice a high volume of feral cats in their area.

“They would call us and they would be on our radar,” Elder said in an elder. The new herald article. “We would contact them [those interested in TNR program], execute the TNR deal, then set a date to go. We go over there, set the traps, we take them to the ASPCA in Asheville to have them sterilized or sterilized, they collect here, and then we return them to this property. “

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