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‘Britain’s biggest scary cat’ looking for a new home after seven months in cattery


Black moggy Sparky now allows staff at Millbrook Animal Center in Chobham, Surrey to touch him, having arrived at the cattery too nervous to accept human touch

Sparky is looking for a new home

A pet dubbed “Britain’s biggest scary cat” who was too scared to be petted is looking for a new owner after months with the RSPCA.

Black moggy Sparky spent nearly seven months – 200 days – being taken care of by the animal charity.

The six-year-old was so nervous when he arrived that the association’s specially trained staff couldn’t even stroke him.

He was in hiding all day and didn’t even eat the cat treats given to him at their Millbrook Animal Center in Chobham, Surrey.

But they have now calmed him down and are amazed at his transformation. Sparky is now a friendly cat and is looking for a family who wants him as a pet.

The cat spent seven months at the cattery


RSPCA / Triangle News)

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We hope to find a home for a nervous cat who has been in the care of the association for almost seven months.

“The six-year-old black cat was taken into care by the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Center in Surrey in March of this year after being rescued from a multi-cat household.

“Unfortunately, poor Sparky was underweight, suffered from fleas, and was very scared of the staff and their new surroundings.

“When he was first turned over to the charity, he was extremely nervous and wouldn’t let any staff member touch him, not even to grab a treat.

“He was in hiding all day and didn’t want any interaction with people.

“However, over time Sparky really gained confidence and learned to trust the staff at Millbrook even as she got used to being petted.”

Claire Jones, cattery supervisor at the charity, said: “He was so scared when he first arrived with us, it took a lot of time and patience to get him to where he is. now.

“When the staff first saw a video of Sparky purring while making a fuss, most of them were moved to tears. It’s amazing to see her transformation.

“He really enjoys being petted now, when he’s in the mood.

“It still has to be on his terms, but he’s a lot friendlier now. He’ll take chicken and treats from the staff and sometimes even likes to be brushed.

“He is looking for a quiet home without other pets and with really patient people, who will expect him to take a few steps back in terms of shyness, but with a lot of time and patience, we think he will flourish and become a wonderful animal. “

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