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Burglaries leave two northeast Albuquerque businesses to clean up mess


At around the same time, Nibbles Exotics owner Cesar Perez said he received a notification on his phone and saw surveillance footage of a burglary. Her business opened in July and this is the second time she has been affected.

“Honestly, it’s pretty disheartening, but for me, at least now I’m thinking about everything that I can’t leave, nothing, I just can’t be comfortable leaving things here,” he said. said Perez.

Back at Quarter Celtic, they have at least one suspect in custody, but had to shut down on Monday just to clean up all the mess.

“So they threw a boulder through the brew glass and it fell, ended up breaking almost every glass we had instead,” McKeown said. “It was almost like walking on snow here, every broken computer, everything was cut too. We had to shut down all day.”

They are still calculating the cost of repairs, but so far they are well over $ 5,000.

“It’s not been a good two years, you keep bouncing back, so when something like that happens you’re like, ah, come on,” McKeown said. On the contrary, he said the only good thing to get out of it was the support of the community.

The two businesses were able to reopen on Tuesday, but they both said vandalism in that part of town appeared to be more common than usual.

KOB 4 has contacted APD to see if they have noticed a tendency to break in and if they are looking at the numbers.