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Cat experts warn of viral Ice Cube TikTok trend: ‘Shouldn’t be done’


Cat experts have warned of a growing trend on TikTok that sees owners placing an ice cube on the head of their unsuspecting pet.

The trend, though without an official name, is sometimes dubbed the “put an ice cube on your cat” challenge, as owners film the results.

Placing the ice often induces a seemingly unfazed reaction when it sits there and begins to melt, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should, experts say.

Downloading videos from it can earn millions of views, with a popular video accumulating over 1.2 million views. Often the clips are paired with a popular audio that asks owners to “put an ice cube on your cat”.

As with most cat videos on the internet, they kept people entertained as viewers find hilarity in their wistful reaction. You might want to think twice before trying it for yourself.

JoAnna Puzzo, feline welfare manager at UK animal sanctuary Battersea Dog and Cat’s Home, said Newsweek that it’s not something they advise “because it may seem harmless but can agitate cats and cause them anxiety.

“Cats don’t like to get wet and the extreme cold of ice could scare your cat, potentially causing it to react and redirect aggression back to its owner, for example, by slipping or biting.”

This is something echoed by Blue Cross animal behaviorist Claire Haynes, who said Newsweek that “pet owners should create a safe and loving environment for our pets and consider the impact of our actions on our pet’s well-being and emotional state.”

“While this new trend may seem fun to us, it may not be a pleasant feeling for our cats, and your cat may find it confusing and uncomfortable.”

At its core, the idea of ​​using a pet for likes and opinions is something that is wrong, and Puzzo added that “anything that might cause an aversion or negative reaction in cats should not be done for amusement or social media purposes”. .”

Just because some cats online don’t seem to be bothered by the trend doesn’t mean others will too, says BISSELL Pet Foundation veterinarian Dr. Alana Canupp, DVM, “It reminds me of years when owners used to scare their cats with cucumbers, which may have sounded funny, but I’ve seen cats that were terrified. Anything that scares your pet isn’t good for bonding. human-animal.

“People and pets need each other now more than ever. Doing anything to your pet that may seem harmless could have unintended negative consequences. All pets are different,” she said. Newsweek. “People should be warned, however, that their own pet may not react in the same way.”

Veterinarian Dr Anna Foreman told Newsweek that if any TikTok users were hoping to use the trend as a way to cool off their chat during the hot summer, they should try other options instead: “While there aren’t necessarily any medical dangers associated with this trend, there is no reason to place an ice cube directly on a cat, especially if it causes distress or frightens it.

“Cats can be offered ice cubes in a lick bowl if they wish, but they tend to self-regulate well in hot weather unlike dogs, so there’s no reason to use this method of cooling them.

Battersea and Blue Cross both advise using alternative methods, such as homemade cat-friendly popsicles for your feline.

Image of a cat and ice cubes. A TikTok trend including cats and ice cream has been warned by experts.
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