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Cat obsessed with carrying oversized toys melts hearts with 14 million views


We know dogs are great at fetching, but a cat that loves bringing its owner its favorite toys has won hearts online.

Feline fetch fan Harpo is a black and white cat with over 200,000 followers on the rainsurnamecats TikTok account. Most famous for his blue sea monster toy, his videos show him meowing loudly as he carries the oversized stuffed animal through the house.

Harpo’s owner says carrying the toys is his “daily ritual” and “favorite game,” which is borne out by the number of videos of him carrying the blue sea monster.

A June 29 video has been viewed more than 14 million times as Harpo heads into the living room after dinner with his trusty toy. In the comments, viewers shared their thoughts.

“The way he waddles towards you. Omg,” one commenter wrote. While another TikTok user said, “Cats are the best guy.”

In a later comment, rainsurnamecats explained, “We play fetch, and Harpo gets treats for items that fall closest to me and/or are accompanied by particularly funny meows.”

Newsweek has contacted rainsurnamecats for comment.

It’s not just the sea monster that Harpo likes to carry around. In fact, her owner has set up a subscription service where, for $1 a month, you can send a photo of your loved one and watch Harpo bring the photo to her owner. .

But why do cats behave like this? Cat advice site Kitty Help Desk says that when cats carry things around and meow like that, they’ve basically bonded with the toy, even if it was their offspring.

“It’s not uncommon for cats to do this,” they wrote. “Especially if they’re raised without much interaction with other cats. The toy essentially fills a void in their world and comforts them, the same way a stuffed toy can comfort a child.”

“Love the split second at the start where you can only see the stuffed animal floating around,” one comment said. Another user wrote: “My cat does this but with a Dave the minion toy.

Although it’s part of a parental instinct, male cats are just as likely to display protective parenting behaviors as their female counterparts, which could explain why Harpo likes to carry things around the house.

For some viewers, the viral video was a bit too much to handle. One commenter said: “I’m sobbing, I’m literally crying. I love him so much, I love your cat, I’m going to die for him, I honestly mean I’ll do anything for him. God, he’s so unbelievable.”

A stock photo of a curled up cat with a stuffed toy. A cat obsessed with carrying an oversized stuffed toy around the house has the internet thrilled.
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