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Could you give this cat a home


ARWEN is a long-haired domestic tortoiseshell cat looking for a new home.

The cat, born in January 2013, is currently being cared for at the Sanctuary for All Creatures, Large and Small Animals, near Ponthir.

A spokesperson said: “Arwen came to us in May 2022. She requires a specialist home with feral cat experience.

“Arwen’s previous owner told us that she came from a family when she was very young (18 months) and that she had been abused. Therefore, we now believe that is why Arwen don’t trust humans.

“Arwen has been living primarily as an indoor cat since 2013. Her owner is very understanding of her space and responsiveness. Arwen’s previous owner told us that she likes to follow her around the house and curls up in next to her on the sofa, in the evenings.

“As Arwen had lived in her previous home for nine years, we believe it will take a long time to bring her back to this point. She needs the utmost patience and understanding.

“Arwen won’t tolerate being picked up and she was never a ‘lap cat’. Arwen loved playing with a laser in her old house and loved toys. Arwen had the garden in her old house but she chose not to venture further than that.

“Arwen is litter trained and is very tidy in her cabin here with us. Arwen does not meow according to her previous owner and is a very calm cat.”

For more details go to www.allcreaturesgreatandsmall.org.uk/