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‘F-bombs’ dropped at commissioners’ meeting | News, Sports, Jobs


WARREN — Trumbull County Commissioners on Wednesday approved the closure of the East Liberty Street Bridge in Girard from 8 p.m. to midnight on July 16 for the Mount Carmel Festival fireworks display. But the fireworks came early, with arguments at the meeting leading to several explosions.

During a feud between curators Frank Fuda and Niki Frenchko over their separate weekly workshop meetings – a subject they have disagreed on since the formal Tuesday workshops disbanded months ago – Frenchko got angry after Fuda, chairman of the board, generously used his gavel.

“Stop with the (expletive) hammer!” Frenchko lambasted.

“Stop this language at this meeting”, Fuda growled in anger.

Frenchko stopped, then shouted: “Nope!”

Later in the meeting, Fuda and Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa voted to participate in an executive session to discuss disciplining or firing a Trumbull County Dog Kennel employee. Frenchko refused to join them and instead attempted to publicly read a letter of complaint which was the intended subject of the executive session discussion.

Before leaving the room, Fuda said reading the letter was “inappropriate,” and Cantalamessa told Frenchko that whoever wrote the letter didn’t want it shared.

When they were gone, said Frenchko, “…since they’re in executive session, I can probably explain a bit to anyone who wants to know – or at least the 70 people watching – what’s going on.”

Frenchko provided his explanation of a situation involving a complaint from the county dog ​​sitter wanting to fire an employee for animal abuse. Frenchko claimed there was no abuse but an employee forgot to feed an animal.

A kennel volunteer, Amanda Herbert, was upset over the discussion of information apparently intended to be private and told Frenchko: “You’re supposed to be over there discussing what you’re discussing live, not here with us.”

Frenchko then requested that a sheriff’s deputy be sent to the meeting because, she said, Herbert was disruptive.

Herbert said: “You haven’t seen a disrupter yet.”

In the absence of Fuda and Cantalamessa, Frenchko continued to discuss the kennel and other issues, much to the frustration of some callers attending the meeting virtually.

A woman on the phone shouted, among other things, ” Shut up ! »

Frenchko asked the clerk to lower the volume or end the call and ask listeners to call back with all phones forcibly muted.

Later, a man on the phone said, apparently to Frenchko: “I would never hit a woman, but I would slap you (expletive)” — using the same language Frenchko had used earlier in the meeting.

Fuda and Cantalamessa returned from the executive session and took no formal action to discipline the kennel employee.

During public comments, Herbert spoke up in defense of the kennel, citing specific portions of Ohio’s revised code in response to Frenchko’s comments.

Regarding a biting incident, Herbert said dogs and cats can’t speak to explain how they feel, and sometimes people misunderstand them.

“Yes, people will get bitten over the years; it happens. We try to keep it to a minimum, but mistakes do happen. It’s human error” Herbert said.

She reiterated that it was inappropriate for Frenchko to give information that did not belong to him and added: “Are you sitting here dropping F-bombs and calling me a troublemaker?” »

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