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FOX40’s beloved Chroma Kitty gets a new home, a new family


Chroma Kitty has been an integral part of the FOX40 family for five years now.

Appearing on the air outdoors and indoors, in the morning, evening and weekend news broadcasts, she put a smile on our face and became a valued member of the FOX40 News team.

And we know how much she means to the thousands of you who follow her on social media and look for her on TV.

She came to us in 2016, rescued from the streets of Sacramento, and we adopted her here at the station. She would be mostly outdoors, except in bad weather.

Last year, however, she had some minor health issues and was bothered by some of the neighborhood cats surrounding her. Her vet, Dr Jyl, told her she would be much safer as an indoor cat, and we agreed.

So, for most of the past year, she was inside the station, groomed by many of the FOX40 staff in the boardroom where she had a comfortable setup and tons of toys. We always leave her outside for the supervised fresh air every week and we let her wander around the station when possible while being sensitive to people with allergies to cats.

But she was mostly kept in the conference room, and that’s just not a lot of space for this once-outdoor cat. The lights are almost always on in this room and people come in and out at any time of the day.

As much as we love Chroma, there comes a time when she needs a real home where she can roam in and out and have constant loving attention and a predictable daily routine from a real family that is. more than we can give her here and still protect her. That being said, one of our morning news directors adopted Chroma to live in her house.

Although we miss her at the station, we know that it is the best thing for her life in the future.

Chroma will always be part of the FOX40 News team. You will still see her on the air every now and then with photos or a video, and you can continue to follow her life on social media.

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We just wanted you to know the whole story and know that she is very healthy and taking great care, and we appreciate and thank all of her loyal and vocal fans.