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Hope is eternal for the eventual return of Bailey the lost dog


Although sightings of Bailey, the lost dog, have dropped to zero since March, the team of volunteers have not given up hope of finding him. “There have been a lot of ups and downs,” says Bailey owner Kelvin Fung. “He hasn’t been found dead, so we still have hope. That’s kind of where things are.”

The 30-pound apricot furry double doodle ran away from Den Doggy Day Care on Harvester Road near Appleby GO Station in Burlington on December 23, 2021. Despite a massive search effort involving more than 200 animal-loving volunteers dogs over several months, Bailey has yet to be reunited with her family.

On Thursday evening, Brampton Animal Services announced that it found a fluffy, apricot-colored poodle that closely matched Bailey’s description. Fung says the photos matched enough that the family went to the shelter on Friday to investigate. But by the time they arrived, that dog’s owner had come forward and shelter staff had determined the dog wasn’t Bailey — he didn’t have the same white patch on his chest and he wasn’t also not microchipped.

Although the intensity of the search has waned since March, search effort leader Ken Price says there’s no reason to give up.

“I’m still hoping we can bring this boy home,” says Price, CEO of the nonprofit known as Dream Team Search and Rescue, which has been searching for Bailey since his disappearance.

“No remains and no necklaces have been found, so Bailey could very well still be there. We just don’t see him, probably because of his travel habits.

“At this time, we don’t have people stationed in the area, nor do we have a crew in the area every night,” Price said.

“From time to time we search an area, and every night there is someone in the area searching. We will continue to respond to sightings as they occur.”

Price says dogs can go missing for several months and still be successfully located after spending time in the wild. In 2019, he worked on a lost dog case involving an intact female German Shepherd mix missing from his Hamilton home.

Apparently, he was adopted by a pack of coyotes, which made it difficult for even the owner to lure the dog home. After six months, the dog was spotted on the other side of town, with a different collar, and was eventually captured and returned to its owner.

Based in Burlington and Hamilton, the Dream Team recovers approximately 300 dogs a year. Although they don’t usually take on cases in Oakville, they got involved in Bailey’s case because the dog went missing from a boarding school in Burlington.

Anyone with advice on the Bailey case is still encouraged to report it to the Dream Team at 905-399-6984.

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April 24, 2022