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Letters to the Editor: Bad Cats, Surf History, and Locals Wanting to Support the Moonlight Social House in North Narrabeen | Review of northern beaches


Stray cats

When it comes to the impact cats have on our wildlife, nothing will be achieved unless the government of New South Wales and / or the Northern Beaches Council introduce a financial penalty against owners who leave their homes. cats roam, especially at night. Dog owners are penalized this way if their pet is even off a leash let alone roaming the streets. Current council rules state that if a cat is considered a nuisance, the owner will receive warnings from rangers. I doubt anything stronger will happen after this. My neighbor had two cats who were allowed to roam around at all hours despite our requests to lock them up at night. We often found the bodies of bandicoots, a headless baby turkey, and other animals several mornings. The last straw was the discovery of the body of an endangered sugar glider opossum. All of this in our front yard. One of his cats ended up drowning in someone’s pond and the other wandered away when he and his wife separated. I was not sad to see them go. I have written to the NSW Department of the Environment and to all of the Northern Beaches Council advisers on this issue over the past few years. I got the usual “talk about government” response from then Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton. Thankfully, current NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean seems genuinely interested in what his portfolio means. So I was full of praise for the initiative taken to resolve this issue. However, like I said, unless you hit people in the pocket, habits won’t change, because many think “it’s just nature taking its course”. I have friends who refused to change their chatting habits despite all logic and argument. Education alone will be a slow process and it may be too late for the animals and birds of our very special Sydney neighborhood. Tina Butler, Bilgola Plateau

DAMAGED: The fire at the Moonlight social house started next door. Photo: Geoff Jones

Reborn from the ashes

In response to the story of the Moonlight Social House fire, many readers have written to express their support. These included:

I am so sorry for what happened. You are both strong people – you WILL get by. It might take a while, but you can do it. Colleen Black

Wow, what a shame for this family. Sincerely, Rory Amon to help them. Hope the locals support this business while they recover. Catherine sheppard

This restaurant has delicious food, especially the crab pasta (you want to lick the plate)! Barbara dobson

It’s so horrible for them but we will be back for sure, love their pizzas! Suzanne Blanche

The woes of smoke

Once again, we need to close the doors and windows in order to prevent the smoke haze from causing the backfire required by the fire departments to prevent asthma and heart attacks, among other health problems. health. However, we shouldn’t be forced to do this all year round because of the tobacco smokers and wood smoke from indoor wood stoves in our immediate vicinity. Marianne van de Voorde, Narrabeen North

Surfers rights

It’s a shame that Mary-Louise Parkinson of Freshwater SLSC (NBR Letters, September 15-21) is unaware that the first person to surf in Australia would be Tommy Walker, a member of Manly Seagull and Lifesaving. Club. Walker bought a surfboard in Hawaii in 1909 and it was recorded that he rode it at the 1912 freshwater surfing carnival, more than two years before the Duke. Mary-Louise’s letter stresses the need to create a surf museum on the northern beaches, the birthplace of surfing in Australia. The inhabitants of the northern beaches must support the candidates in the next municipal elections who will support the creation of a surf museum. If we don’t move now, another suburb will take the fame and commercial success of such a business. Brian Dunphy, Australian Surf Heritage Museum

Smart young people

We like to take the quizzes every week. Thank you very much for making them! We always look forward to receiving the Northern Beaches Review in our mailbox. Have a nice day! Coco, 11 and Daisy, 8, Bayview

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