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MELODIE DAVIS: Some true cat stories | New


So if you don’t like cats, you might want to skip this and ask about the weather. Or something.

But I loved the picture a friend painted of her two cats recently. Not literally, but she lives alone and is very fond of them, whose names I forget. Recently, Glenda struggled with her 14-year-old feline who fought her as she tried to give him his antibiotic for an ear infection. She showed me the bruises and scars on her arms – she’s probably about fifteen years older than me and as we get older such things show up so clearly.

The cat is of course resistant to the medicine and as this friend lives alone she finds it difficult to hold the cat wrapped in a towel in one arm, opening her mouth and inserting the medicine without him biting her and trying to get away. remove. Yeah. It looks like an armful. But her other cat is catching up right now, jumping on her lap and gently putting her two paws on Glenda’s face: “It’s like she’s giving me a hug,” smiles Glenda. “And then she licks my face.” This part isn’t for me, but she loves it and I’m sure she finds great company with these cats – unless there’s medication involved!

It reminded me of a time when my husband and I were dating and he got the flu. He felt bad. He lived alone in a small mobile home. At the time, he had a huge male cat, Tanjo, who could be as fierce as the cat in the story I just told.

So I made some soup or something and took her to Stuart’s trailer and knocked on his door. He called “Come in”, but when I opened the door, Tanjo immediately rushed out the door whistling, not about to let me in. I slammed the door, I was scared! Tanjo calmed down, and in hindsight he was probably just trying to protect his sick owner. Tanjo and I ended up making friends.

When our daughters were little, they all loved cats, especially baby kittens. So for years we’ve had cats that gave birth to litters (I know, shame on us for not neutering them right away), but we’ve always managed to find homes for the baby kittens when we were advertising.

Finally, our daughters each chose a favorite cat; my eldest daughter Michelle became very attached to the one she named Boots. Boots was a calico cat and very affectionate and gentle, especially with Michelle. Our second daughter, Tanya, claimed a beautiful sealpoint cat, Bubbles. She had tan fur and black ears and looked almost Siamese, but with a better disposition.

Doreen’s favorite cat came much later when she lived with us after college and worked at a bank. A friend of hers knew an orphaned kitten that Doreen had brought home and drip-fed. Doreen named her Paisley. When Doreen moved to another state to pursue a master’s degree, Paisley said my husband was her favorite and loved riding on her shoulder.

My true love in cats was a male cat named Riley, who also needed a home. He was around eight years old when we got him and I fell in love at first sight: long white fur, beautiful blue eyes and a gentle, loving disposition.

He was amazing but we couldn’t let him out because the previous owner had him declawed. Towards the end of his life and in failing health, we left him one evening in the garden to get some fresh air. To my husband’s amazement, a neighboring dog who was visiting him completely restrained himself and didn’t even try to chase him away. Shortly after, sweet Riley died at the old age home.

These are my cat stories! I understand that National Cat Day is October 29: not to celebrate Halloween, but to remember that so many cats need homes – and to remind owners to neuter them. God surely appreciated all the amazing creatures in the world!

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