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Missing “train catcher” cat ends up 114 miles from home


Adventurous cat Toby may well have cashed in some of his nine lives – having been found more than 100 miles from home.

Relieved owners Eddie and Karen Marshall believe the three-year-old feline may have jumped on a train as the couple live near a railroad tracks.

While the couple are thrilled to be reunited with Toby, they also revealed details of a cruel hoax they received while searching for him when told to pay or someone would kill the cat.

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Eddie, a retail and restaurant assistant at Cheshire College, said that one day Toby had “rushed” out of the window and despite the couple’s best efforts, they couldn’t find him.

He said CheshireLive said: “We did everything we could to try to find him that day he was nowhere to be found.

“The first few days we went around all the local areas and posted flyers, our friend helped us and we put them through all the doors on the neighboring streets.

“We got quite a few calls from people saying they thought they saw him, we were going out at dusk and dawn to try to find him.

“We started going on Facebook and social media, we also recorded him with an animal diary and he was still missing.”


But days after her disappearance, the couple received a cruel phone call. Eddie said: “The Sunday after he went missing we got a call from someone claiming to be from the RSPCA and he told us that Toby had been injured in a traffic accident.

“But he told us to go on a road that doesn’t exist and asked for the card details for £ 30 and told us if we didn’t pay the cat would be dead within 24 hours . “

After three months, Eddie said the couple were starting to lose hope – before receiving a call from a vet in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, saying they had Toby.

He said: “With what happened with the scam I was suspicious but we checked all the details from the vet and everything was checked.

“It was exactly a year after we got it that we got the call, it was almost written in the stars.

“There were tears when the vet put him on the table, he even ignored his food and came straight up to us, it was even a miracle to see him and the heart go up.”

Eddie revealed that he and his wife Karen believed Toby had boarded a train after he went missing.

He said: “We have a theory as to how he went missing. We got back to the Chester line at Crewe and the work is behind us as well.

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“My brother is a bit of a train lookout and works on the railroads and he used to tell us that the motors are checked overnight for electrical work and they go down that way which is near the place where Toby was found.

“The vet told us that a lady had been taking care of him for a month there, but could not reveal his name due to regulations.”

The 47-year-old even took inspiration from Toby’s trip and plans to write a book about his travels.

He said: “The support from the people of Crewe and Cheshire has been particularly amazing and hundreds of people have been looking for it, we have received so many messages trying to help.

“We don’t have kids, so in many ways Toby is our kid.

“The whole script gave me the idea to write a book about Toby’s travels and I would donate half of the money and proceeds from the book to the RSPCA.

“If only he could talk like we’d like to know what really happened.

“I hope this is a story of hope for other people who have lost their cats.”

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