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November is National Senior Pet Adoption Month. Here are some options on Long Island.


November is National Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, dedicated to helping senior pets find loving homes forever. Shelters and rescues across the country are hoping those looking to adopt a new furry friend will consider adding an elderly pet to the family this month. Help us spread the word throughout November. Let’s help older pets start the next chapter in their life together!

Available for foster care or adoption through PAWS Long Island


Remi is a 2 year old, 25 pound super sweet Pomsky. Its owner returned it last week due to a move. She is in foster care now, but the resident cat of the house is not happy with her arrival. Rémi is good with other dogs, children and cats, though cats love dogs. It is fully checked, chipped, clean, crate trained, good on a leash and good in the car. What more could you ask for ?!


Bruno is a beautiful Pittie mix, around 2 and a half years old. He is very athletic and would do best with an active family of adults and / or older teens. Bruno is fit like a violin and plays well with other dogs.


** Senior Alert ** Peaches is a 10 year old all black German Shepherd in need of a home. Her family is moving and cannot take her with them. She is very sweet and loves attention. She also loves her food and treats! She is good with dogs, cats and children! She loves walks and is good on a leash. She is very healthy and very loving – she would make a great TV buddy or a cuddly buddy!


Kelly is a handsome one-and-a-half-year-old Rottie / Sheppard mix who is also super smart and well trained. She would be good for agility training and would thrive with an active owner. Unfortunately, life experiences have taught her to be terrified of men.


Meet Layla. This pittie mix is ​​only about 18 months old. He’s a great, brave dog, but he’s still a puppy. While she can relax when needed, she does need a semi-active owner. Layla would be better off in a house with older teens and adults. It is also crate trained, sterilized and fully controlled.

Rocky is an adorable true Lhasa Apso. He is about 4.5 years old and has shown himself to be dedicated to his people, but needs rules and limits in an experienced household. He is very well trained, but his new family will have to follow.


Red Roxy is a gorgeous 3 year old Mastiff mix that is crate trained and broken at home. She is super loyal and devoted to her people. She must go to an experienced, low traffic home.

If you have room in your heart and home for one of these cool dogs, please contact PAWS-LI (Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society, Inc.) by email at [email protected] or call the 631-306-4616.

Available for adoption at the Smithtown Town Animal Shelter


Pearl is a blend of female domestic long hair that is estimated to be around four years old. She was found wandering, very thin, matted and in search of food. Pearl has adapted well to life in the animal shelter, and she is always happy to meet new people she can befriend. This outgoing beauty can fit into any family and she needs an owner who will shower her with the love she deserves. Pearl would do well in a house that has other cats.


Julie is a gorgeous female domestic medium hair blend who is estimated to be around 2 years old. She lost her home when her father passed away and her mother could no longer take care of her. Julie is outgoing, playful, friendly and as sassy as she is sweet! She would rather be the only cat in the house, but she once lived with a small dog. Julie would make a wonderful addition to any loving family.

If you would like to meet the precious Pearl or Julie, please call 631-360-7575 for more information today!

Available for adoption via Alleykatz

Cinderpaws and Buster

** Senior Alert ** Cinderpaws is a cherished 10 year old elder who lost his home when his mother had to go to a nursing home. He would love nothing more than a space in your home and heart to help him heal from his loss.

Trevor is an adorable 1 to 2 year old cat looking to be your new best friend!


** Senior Alert ** Lorenzo needs a special home. He is IVF + and shy but oh so sweet. Lorenzo needs a special someone to help him overcome his shyness. He is 9 years old and is as handsome as he is in love!


** Very special request ** Jack needs a hospice. She was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to a year to live. Alleykatz would love to see him spend his final year in a quiet, loving home where he can be spoiled and live his life as happily as possible.


Milo is a 7 year old orange and white gentleman who must be a unique cat. If you are in the market for your one and only then Milo is the man for you!

For more information on how to bring one of these adorable adoptables home, please contact Alleykatz at alleykattz.org.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


One-year-old Prince (Adoption # H210405) may not yet feel like he’s living an enchanted life, but the NSALA is rolling out the red carpet to welcome this tabby royalty to his family at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. All Prince really needs to make him feel confident with his subjects is a little patience, a few treats, and a perfectly quiet home with kids over the age of 12. Soon Prince will rule your heart, and you will be quite content to be his faithful, royal subject!

Dorothée and Rum Tum

** Double adoption and senior alert ** Rum Tum Tugger (Adoption # H210443) is not a very curious cat. In fact, this shy nine-year-old is content to snuggle up to his favorite sister, Dorothy Two Dots (Adoption # H210440). These bonded senior tabbies have joined the rest of their cat family to start a new life after recently losing their old home and owner. They have lived their entire lives exchanging hugs and we intend for them to spend the rest of their lives side by side, adored by their new hero. Dorothy is open to new experiences and often socializes with visitors, hoping for a treat – or 10! His courage encouraged Rum Tum to come out of his shell and forge human bonds. Thanks to Dorothy’s guidance, Rum Tum opened his heart more and more every day. NSALA would love to find them a calm, predictable home with children ages 12 and up and experienced adults to help fearful cats settle in for a smooth transition to their golden retirement.

Esme and Eagan

** Double Adoption ** After being rescued from the local streets, 1 year old Esme (Adoption # BF3765) and Eagan (Adoption # BF3766) needed a little loving care. They spent time together in a peaceful room in Bianca’s Furry Friends, and the staff are delighted with the rapid progress they have made! Formally fearful, Eagan is completely open to the love and attention of cats and humans. You’ll find her cuddling in a ray of sunshine with any of her friends, but she’ll follow you for her portion of the treats. Esme has always been the more playful of the two. She is still a little shy about a lot of human attention, which is why we are looking for a home with children over 12 and experienced adults to ward off fear of beloved felines. Watching these tight-knit sisters finally discover the wonders of being part of a family will be just as enamored as we are!

Lilly allen

Lilly Allen (Adoption # H210318) makes everyone smile! That’s because the NSALA knows how much she’s already survived, and although her past trauma makes her hesitant at first, her triumphant spirit overwhelms her with the right offer of an ear scrub or a treat. NSALA vets treated an injured leg upon his arrival. Now fully recovered, Lilly is looking for a committed family who will always keep her safe and surround her with love. Children eight and up will enjoy watching this adorable one-year-old mini panther learn to trust them. With a little help from her new friends, Lilly Allen will be smiling in no time, and so will her family!


Two month old Gypsom (Adoption # LA1259) is just a gorgeous girl looking for a glorious home. If you have a soft spot for tortoiseshell kittens, this southern rescue is no torture. She’s an easy-going little girl who patiently waits in Bianca’s Furry Friends feline adoption center to get to her eternal home!


Whatever adventures Galapagos (Adoption # D48059) had before arriving at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, this tired two-year-old is keeping them a secret to us. The past is behind him, and better days are ahead, so all we really need to know is that he expects gentle hands and patience from the new humans he welcomes. If your quiet home has room for someone who would just put the excitement behind them, Galapagos would love to fill any feline void you’ve felt. Together you will make a wonderful pair!

You can visit one of these adorable adoptables at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center or contact [email protected] to learn more about the adoption process today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


** Double Adoption ** Hap (white male) and Hellie (brindle / white girl) are related siblings in search of a big home. They came to the shelter in October after their owner was hospitalized. They are very gentle, friendly, social and playful dogs. They love each other and everyone too, which works great because everyone who meets them loves them too. It is always harder to find a home for a bonded couple, but they deserve to stay together, so help them find their forever home. They are recommended for a home with children 13 and up, and they both love other dogs too.

If you would like to know more, please contact the Shelter Placement Team at 516.785.5220 or email [email protected]

As always, thank you for reading and remember to always adopt, never buy… pass it on!

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