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Ramsgate pet owner devastated by inability to bring legal action after her cat was killed by a dog – The Isle Of Thanet News


Dave did not survive the attack

Police have told a pet owner whose cat was killed by a dog in Ramsgate that they could not take any action.

Michele De Brett was devastated when her cat Dave died after being chased and attacked by a Husky dog ​​who had gone outside without its owners being present.

The 58-year-old legal secretary discovered the death of her pet after returning from work on September 17 and after being told of the incident by a tearful boy who witnessed it.

Michele said: “I stopped and the young boy was yelling at me to stop. He was crying and said Dave was dead.

“I was shocked. I got out of the car and there were people standing nearby because they had seen or heard the din. A lady had kindly wrapped Dave in a blanket and put him on my player. .

“My sister came because I was hysterical.”

A neighbor told Michele that Dave was sitting in the driveway when the Husky appeared and chased him. Dave raced across the road and tried to get over a fence, but the dog caught up to him.

Michele said: “We think when Dave was lowered his legs were damaged. The neighbor tried to push the dog away with a broom and she said Dave tried to run away while the dog was distracted, but his hind legs were gone.

Dave sadly passed away.

Michele said: “Everyone was crying and was really shaken up. There was no owner to see but the Husky had a collar and a leash so maybe he escaped.

“Dave often sat in the front and he was a well-known little character, everyone knew him and a lot of kids stopped to pet him on their way to school.”

Michele said he reported the incident to the RSPCA, who told him to report it to the police.

She did, but police have now said it was a civil matter and advised her to go to the RSPCA.

She said, “I am so upset. I don’t want an animal to suffer what Dave suffered, he was a cute little cat and he wasn’t even four years old.

“I want something to be done, for the dog to be muzzled or something.” Now the police told me it was a civil matter and I am very upset.

“I’m afraid the dog will do this again, I’m afraid it will happen to a child.”

In law, a dog is considered out of control if it:

  • hurt someone
  • makes someone fear that it might hurt them.

There have been calls for a change in the law

In August, Margate’s mother Stacie Goddard, whose cat was killed in an attack believed to have been carried out by two fleeing Huskies, started a petition for pet owners to take responsibility. if their animals injure or kill another animal.

Stacie was devastated by the death of Lilly, a 16-year-old cat, and was shocked that no action was taken.

She started the petition to try to force changes to hold pet owners accountable.

Find Stacie’s petition here