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Sammy’s Forgotten Felines trapping and rehabilitating large North Coast cat colony – Kamloops News


A Kamloops cat rescue organization has embarked on an ambitious project: to trap and rehabilitate a large colony of cats located on the North Shore.

Sammy’s Forgotten Felines co-founders Jenn Breckenridge and Julie Ondang say they have trapped and captured 19 cats since the owner of a property near the colony called for help.

“We’re finally in this colony, which is what we’ve wanted to do for years,” said Breckenridge.

She said she had heard stories that the colony – made up of around 70 to 100 cats – started over 20 years ago before the cats moved to their current location.

Breckenridge said they had offered their services to tackle the colony in the past, but a number of groups were involved.

“We kind of took a step back because we didn’t want to step on anyone’s feet,” she said.

“We offered our help and left it there. “

Sammy’s Forgotten Felines was eventually contacted by one of the owners nearby who had had enough.

“When we got the phone call from the owner it was our way because we were excluded from all the other avenues we tried to take. I am very grateful that they contacted us, and it is very important to us that we keep our promise to help them, ”said Breckenridge.

Breckenridge and Ondang said the colony was believed to have been managed, which means the animals are trapped, sterilized and released, and kept under the supervision of a guard who ensures that a vet is called in if needed.

However, they said the cats they observed and trapped were quite sick, and many of them were in “critical distress.”

“This particular colony, now that we’re here and working to remove the sick animals, the things we see tell us that this has been a very poorly managed colony over the years,” Breckenridge said. .

“The numbers are not lower than they were when they started. If anything, there is more. And it just wasn’t handled properly.

When trapping the animals, Breckenridge said they first sit near the colony and observe the cats, trying to spot kittens, whose immune systems are less robust, or adult cats who appear injured or sick. . These cats are their first priority to trap.

“Ultimately the goal is to eliminate as many cats as possible and help clean up the property. Because there has been quite a bit of damage from the cats and the number of cats there, ”she said.

Breckenridge said three of the 19 cats they have rescued have died so far, which is a higher number than they typically see when they trap and rescue felines.

Ondang said the cats arrive with upper respiratory and digestive issues, among other serious issues.

She said one cat in particular was “very emaciated”, with a mouth full of rotten teeth, ulcers and pus – and unfortunately had to be shot.

Breckenridge said they estimate it will cost around $ 20,000 to care for the cats until they can place them in foster homes, but the costs will likely be much higher due to the fact that many animals require intensive medical care.

For healthier cats, they hope to find good foster homes for them, but with experienced, knowledgeable, and patient cat owners who may take some time to get used to them.

“It takes time and patience. It takes time to bond. But once you make that bond, it’s unbreakable, ”Breckenridge said.

Breckenridge said Sammy’s Forgotten Felines, which launched in 2019, has developed a good relationship with the SPCA, which helps sterilize cats, and several veterinary clinics in Kamloops.

She said they have seen community support “explode”, but can always use more volunteers and donations to help take care of the large number of cats.

Cleaning supplies, medical supplies like cotton swabs and cotton swabs, litter boxes, and metal food bowls are all needed in Sammy’s Forgotten Felines.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating can contact us by email or on the Sammy’s Forgotten Felines Facebook page.

Breckenridge and Ondang are also urging the public to stay away from the area where the colony is located.

“It is really important for us to keep [the location] as confidential as possible for the respect of the owners and other rescues involved, as we are not trying to blame anyone, ”said Breckenridge.

“When we bring a cat, we try to bring everyone with us on this trip, but in a safe way. We don’t want people to come and try to feed cats or save a kitten. I know the intentions are in the right place, but we need the calm, quiet, and safe zone.

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