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‘She cries out for love’: earless cat rescued in Lichfield in search of a new home forever


A family lawyer called herself a “lawyer” after rescuing a needy moggy – who now needs a new “forever home.”

Estelle Lear saw a Facebook post about a stray feline that was seen covered in blood.

Wanting to help, the kind-hearted lawyer jumped into action and managed to find the cat in Oakenfields, Lichfield.

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The white and brown cat was not only covered in fleas, but also had tumors in the ears which were bleeding profusely.

Bella had been seen covered in blood

Estelle was then faced with a vet bill of over £ 850 to remove her ears and give her the best chance of survival.

She says the cat, whom she affectionately nicknamed Bella, is beautiful and just wants to be loved. As soon as Bella is well enough, she will seek a home forever.

“A housing officer told me that an elderly lady had a cat similar to her who died a few years ago – I was wondering if it could be her cat and she was forgotten,” Estelle told BlackCountryLive .

“She could have been someone’s pet and they moved out and left her. Or maybe she’s just lost or no longer desirable given her medical needs.” , she added.

She had tumors in her ears
She had tumors in her ears

Nothing is known for sure about the cat’s past, but a vet estimated she was around 12 years old.

Estelle knew she had to help the animal after seeing a post on social media about her condition.

Never one to back down from a challenge, the lawyer, who is affectionately known as “the Rottweiler” by his colleagues, set out to save the wanderer.

She said: “I knew the area well because I grew up on this area.

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“This poor girl needed help so I jumped in the car and tried to find her.”

Estelle rescued the cat on Monday, November 22, with the help of friendly strangers from the region. A local man told him he had been feeding stray animals for over two years.

“There was blood on the communal trash cans but no one had come close enough to see the full extent of the problem,” she said.

“One of her ears was plump and bright red – it was practically hanging down.”

After taking her to a vet who cited over £ 850 for treatment, Estelle transferred the cat to Caven Vets in Willenhall, which she says has been fantastic.

Bella after her operation
Bella after her operation

They quoted the lower price of £ 650, although that likely increased as she needed more treatment than initially thought. Estelle expects to know the full cost next week.

Bella underwent surgery to remove both ears on Wednesday, November 24.

“The vet said there was a high risk of infection and the tumor was very advanced,” Estelle said.

“She was scratching him constantly, and he was in danger of falling which of course would have caused him immense pain.

“The vet completely removed both ears and found another lump which was also removed.”

Despite being a self-confessing ‘canine person’, Estelle is now looking after this loving cat until she can find him a forever home – hopefully before Christmas.

Estelle says Bella is very affectionate
Estelle says Bella is very affectionate

She said: “I’m not even a cat-loving person. I’ve always been a dog-loving person and just had my very first cat after my sister’s cat had kittens. .

“My kitten Reggie is desperate to meet Bella, but I’m keeping them apart for now.

“I just think it would be wonderful to find her a perfect home in time for Christmas.

“As a lawyer in family law, I fight all the time in people’s corner

“I’m the cat’s advocate – basically the ‘advocate’!

“Her behavior shows that she has been loved before, and she is crying out for love now.”

Estelle has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Bella’s treatment. She was blown away by the support she received, earning over £ 500 in donations in a matter of days.

“Everyone was very helpful, not only in trying to help but also in fundraising,” she added.

Once she’s well enough, Bella will be relocated with the help of Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands.

Anyone interested in relocating Bella, who Estelle believes would be preferable as a sole pet and with an experienced cat owner, can contact her through the GoFundMe page. here.

Alternatively, Bella will be featured on the West Midlands Stray Cat Rescue Team website once she is well enough to go into a home forever. You can visit the site here.

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