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Shelter’s ‘Black Furday’ Sale Places Pets in Homes Forever


FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WPTA21) – As many people in Northeast Indiana join in the holiday shopping bustle on Black Friday, other families are opening up their homes to become homes forever.

Humane Fort Wayne’s Black furday event has pledged to give those seeking adoption from an animal shelter “invaluable, research offerings for pets.” Cats and kittens were offered as ‘name your own price’, senior dogs were only $ 1, and adult dogs were free.

“When we build these relationships through the specials we offer, we guarantee a long-term relationship with the community,” said Chele Watson of Humane Fort Wayne. And that was certainly the case with the Nwekwo family. “We took a look at her and knew she had to come home with us,” Brianna Nwekwo explained. “We wanted to finish our family of cats. We call them our last four cats, and we’ve adopted three more from here, and we love coming here, and it’s great to work with them.

What Watson is really hoping for from the Black Furday door-to-door is to place some of the shelter’s older animals in good homes. Joy Williamson, who lost her own cat earlier this year, has decided to adopt 3-year-old “Eggs”. But it wasn’t the deal that got him this – Williamson knew his three-day weekend would give him more time to help his foster cat adjust to his new home.

“It’s important when you bring a new animal home that they have time to get used to a place, new food and other stuff,” she told us. “They are a lifetime of love – never anything negative and always joy, contentment and happiness. I strongly encourage anyone to come and adopt a new lifelong friend.

We are at the end of the day, more than 20 animals have been adopted. “I want to see all of our dogs come out of the shelter,” Watson said. “It would be phenomenal. I want to see some of our senior cats come home, I want fewer kittens at the shelter. But I want the community to come and find their new best friend, it will bring them happiness and peace in their homes, during the holidays.

An important step is approaching for the nonprofit organization. On January 1, 2021, Allen County SPCA and HOPE for Animals merged to form Humane Fort Wayne. Their anniversary will pass as we move into 2022.

After Black Furday, the shelter will turn its attention to Giving Tuesday. Each year, the organization often receives matching grants and donations. Executive Director Jessica Henry describes it as “the most important donation day of the year for us… crucial to our rescue mission”. We have been told that up to $ 15,000 in donations will be matched this year. If you want to donate, you can find more information here.

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