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Trenton animal shelter sees overcrowding as owners abandon or abandon their pets


During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families adopted pets as pets.

This has been of great help to shelters looking to adopt animals in need. But many of those pets are now being returned to these shelters by the same families who took them in.

One of these shelters is the Trenton Animals Rock Shelter in Trenton. The shelter took back many pets after the owners could no longer care for them because they had lost their jobs and could not afford a pet. This created a serious overcrowding problem at the shelter.

Trenton Animals Rock isn’t that big – there are only 20 cat cages and 20 dog cages. But the shelter welcomes an average of 350 dogs and 200 cats per year.

Willow is a dog who was found on the street after her owner abandoned her. She will have to stay at the reception desk until her owner is found or adopted.

“She’s super sweet. She’s a good girl, ”says shelter director Danielle Glutton. “We hope its owner will show up, but we only have a 20% payback rate.”

Willow was found on Willow Street by animal welfare officer Jose Munoz. “A lot of people aren’t financially able to maintain a pet now, so we’re seeing more than abandonment. We’re seeing more owner surrenders,” Munoz said.

Due to lack of space, the refuge had to be creative, especially in terms of foster care, by offering day or weekend host families for those who want to help but not adopt. The shelter has over 20 foster dogs because they are short of space.

“We also did the temporary placement where we took a lot of dogs to people’s homes, where they give us a week,” says Glutton.

One of the helpers is Mary Beth Boland, who takes a dog named Rusty for a few days. Rusty was returned after his owner lost his job.

“It was a surrender from the owner. He had eye problems so we’ll stop by the vet on the way home to take a few drops,” Boland said.

Some relief can come from the city of Trenton. Perhaps two trailers bought two years ago could help with the space.

But Trenton City Council has yet to pay money to put them in place and hook up the electricity and plumbing. The shelter hopes that the advice will come by winter.

These trailers are paid for but always lodged with the manufacturer.

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