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Woman cares for more than 300 animals on her own at North Yorkshire Wildlife Sanctuary


LA owner of a North Yorkshire wildlife sanctuary is appealing for volunteers and donations after being left alone to care for more than 300 animals.

Sharon Lawlor of Scarborough is the owner of Sheep Sanctuary in Whitby which takes care of unwanted farm animals or those with special needs.

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She owned the shrine with her partner, however, they recently split after a long-term relationship, leaving her to run the shrine on her own.

Originally the sanctuary looked after around 13 cows, but soon Sharon accepted unwanted sheep from all over the country and now has over 300 animals to care for.

Now she is desperately looking for donations and volunteers to help her run the sanctuary and continue caring for the animals.

Ms Lawlor said: “I’m pretty determined and don’t want to give up, and I had to employ a retired farmer to help me out right now because I can’t physically do it on my own anymore.

“It’s not just that, but I started working with all yarns and that’s where my personal income comes from.

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“I haven’t worked since April now because I took in about 40 lambs which were all bottle-fed and it took a long time, some of them had very bad special needs, and now I still have two who have special needs. Needs.”

Ms. Lawlor is looking for help running the sanctuary, feeding the animals and keeping the area clean and tidy.

She said: “I shouted for people to come and volunteer and had loads of people but just a weird couple to come over and help me with the things I can’t physically do like gardening. .

The Echo of the North:

“There’s been a constant flow of volunteers, but that’s okay because now I put people to work, because at one point I used to pamper people a bit.

“I absolutely work my socks off to make the place run smoothly, and I actually did it a lot better than it was when it did.

“It’s just a matter of helping to run the sanctuary actually, keeping it clean and nice, feeding the animals by watering the animals, even the fact that I can’t physically work anymore.

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“I’m doing my best to get back to making wool, so even the folks who would help me with the felting because I’m on Etsy and have orders coming in and I can’t physically make them.”


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